How I Did It!


For Me....

She's the inspiration!

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, of trying and failing, of feeling guilty, of telling myself that I could not be a person who gave up breads and sugars because I lived for breads and sugars!  But I didn't want to live for breads and sugars anymore, not if I didn't have to.  I mean, who pre-ordained that I would be a slave to poisonous fatty foods my whole life?  Who said I could never be Briggitte Bardot?  

Me.  That's who.

So I chose differently.  

All my life I've eaten sugar and bread and let it have free reign.  For once, I was going to be in control.  It started out for just one day.  Could I eat sugar free, bread free for one day?  How would I feel afterwards?  Any different?  And then I did it.  First for one day, then for two weeks, now it's been a month and two weeks.  I've lost 14 lbs, my skin has completely cleared up and I have never been hungry.  Not once.  I don't think about sugary foods and I'm not ever tempted.  Getting healthy is so much more important than some random bread on the table or candy left over. Every morning I wake up and my body is different.  I'm eating!  And I have no guilt!  And I'm losing alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll this sugary, fat, waste I've hauled around with me for years!!

So.  First things first: 

Keep a Journal!

My journal is a Beatles spiral notebook.  Gotta have my boys and it made embarking on this journey somehow less scary.  Nothing fancy, just date, breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinners.  And make sure you mention if you dance in your kitchen or walk around your block:)

There's something so liberating about seeing a successful guilt free day in front of you!

It proves you can do it!

What You Get to Eat!


Know what you love!

This is the chance to get in touch with what real food you really love!   

*cottage cheese
*low sugar yogurt 
*natural peanut butter

Everything that is not enriched or in a package, real, actual food.  Yes, I realize cottage cheese and yogurt are packaged, as is cheese but there are real benefits to these if you always look for low sugar brands. 

What I love most about the way I eat now is that I eat as much as I want and have absolutely no guilt over it!!  Some people insist on continuing to eat breads and sauces, etc and then wonder why they're ravenously hungry.  Eating sugars and processed fats make you crave sugar and processed fats!!  Ever notice how after you eat donuts you feel sick/full and then two hours later be ready to eat the entire table, but if you eat an avocado you stay pleasantly full for a significant amount of time?  Real fats are your friend!!  The processed, sugary fats only make you more hungry.  Give them up!  All of them!

Some people are so scared of the pain they associate with giving up breads and sugar, they never have a chance to find out that if they did, they wouldn't miss it.  They don't need it.  They are not actually the slaves to their appetites that they believe they are. 

But the truth is: 

A Typical Day For Me:

Breakfast: two eggs, mushrooms, zuchinni and onions all in the pan, cooked together for an omelette 
Snacks: broccoli florettes, cauliflower, carrots, crystal light
Lunch: Cheese, taco soup
Snacks: Frozen red grapes
Dinner: Two pork chops, browned vegetables, 1 small potato, butter
Dessert: One very large bowl of 1 cut up apple, 5 cut up strawberries, 2 cut up kiwis, 1 cut up mango, four spoonfuls of  Foge yogurt, 3 spoonfuls of cottage cheese, 1/2 tiny packet of crystal light over the whole thing and mix. 

Never hungry when you eat all day long. 


You can do it!!