Getting Started!

When the world gives up --
Hope whispers... Try it one more time

First, I am not a nutritionist, or health expert in any way.  I'm no chef.  I'm just a woman who gave up sugars and breads one night when she was sick and tired of being sick and tired and had remarkable success in clearing up my skin and dropping 15 lbs in a month and a half.

Here's what I'd recommend to get started

#1.) BE THERE MENTALLY.  If you haven't at least read the first chapter of William Dufty's Sugar Blues, you are not ready.  If you are whining and moaning and thinking about all the crap you can't eat... this ain't for you.  This is for when you CAN'T WAIT TO CHANGE.  If you're worried about the toast you're not going to be able to eat, go eat it and try something else.  But, if you've read the book, if you're chomping at the bit for change, ready to commit one hundred percent, proceed. 

#2.) Be prepared for the headaches.  They will come.  Have the ibuprophen on hand!  They typically last one to two weeks.  They can be intense.  They are withdrawal headaches!!

#3.) Weigh yourself and take your measurements up front, no matter how scary it is!!! Why?  Because as you completely change your way of thinking and eating, you will have moments where you think nothing is happening.  You'll believe that the change is not worth the effort.  Be able to measure your progress!!

#4.) Invest in ziploc baggies and bring your frozen grapes, or cut up apples, or cut up veggies to work with you.  Be prepared and don't let yourself go too long without eating.  I always have crystal light packets in my drawer at work.  It gives the water a kick and makes sure I drink it!

#5.) Let's go food shopping!  CHECK THE LABELS!  You want to eat as fresh as you can but for me, some of the things I eat are packaged.  Again, I'm not a nutritionist.  I'm just doing the best I can.  Some people give up everything and go totally raw.  That's not me.  By going "sugar free",  you're really going "low sugar" because it is impossible to go completely sugar free.  There is sugar in everything!  But try to stay away from packages and "sugar free" stuff.  Anything with enriched flour.  STAY AWAY!!  Why??  Because that enriched flour will keep the weight on and keep you hungry!!

Foods to Get!

* Oats for Oatmeal
* half & half
* LOW sugar yogurt (the lowest I've found is Foge plain with 9 grams.  Ninosa at Sprouts is also super, super, super yummy and decadent and has 9 grams).  USE THIS SPARINGLY!!!
* low fat cottage cheese (nonfat has higher sugar)
* all the veggies you love.  Try the pre cut raw ones!!  You'll be amazed at how, yes!  You can eat them!  Also, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms come in handy all the time for omelets! 
* All the fruit you love!  Get exotic!  Get colorful!
* Laura Scudders natural peanut butter (1 gram of sugar) Excellent for a spoonful of something you need when you just need something and wonderful on celery (of course).
* egg whites and eggs for omelets and hard boiled eggs
* Any lean meat, chicken, beef fajitas, pork chops, seafood, whatever.
* Butter.  (Yes!)
*coconut oil!!  It comes in a jar!  Cook your veggies and eggs in this because it is GREAT for your skin and fabulous for getting your metabolism going!
* Crystal light -- big packets and little ones you can use as a sweetner and take to work.


Strawberry Oatmeal

* Make as much oatmeal as you want.

* Add as many strawberries as you want in the bowl

* Add a half to a cup of half & half

* Sprinkle half a small packet of crystal light over all of it.

Enjoy!!  This will fill you up for hours!